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Especially for hairloss, thinning hair, baldness, overpluck, brow, lash, hair, hairloss, fuzz, eyebrow, eyelash, thinning, nutrition, health, fitness, wellness, aen, ahn, ase, overplucking. Enchancing regrowth of eyebrows and lashes.
Our products are for regrowing brow, lashes, hairs naturally & healthily.

AEN EN-812, AHN HN-813, ASE AS-816, Advanced Eyebrow Nutrition, Advanced Hair Nutrition, Advanced Skin Essentials

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Advanced Eyebrow Nutrition(AEN)

Item No.: EN~812 ___Brand Name: Vitality ___Country of Origin: __HKG,China ___M.O.Q.: 1 pc.
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Product Description:
AEN is a hi-tech product which can activate all kinds of haircells to enhance regeneration & multiplication naturally, and will promote growth, thickness and fullness of your eyebrow hairs & lashes. Regrows eyebrow hairs and eyelashes due to cell fission naturally. Newly regrown hairs will grow in the same color as your old hairs, and all hairs will grow thicker and fuller.


***Content : 6ml/pc.
***Dimension : 22mm(dia.) x 90mm(height)
***Usage : apply 1 time before bedtime.
***Weight : 38 gm with giftbox.
***International Tariff code: HS 33059010


Hairs is also a life form composed of body cells which needs feeding with unique nutrients. AEN composes of 21 kinds of multi-proteins, which is extremely similar to that of inside our haircells. To nourish hair cells to regrow healthily, and harness the body's extraordinary capacity for self-pair and re-invention. There is only natural ingredients in AEN, no chemicals or heavy metal substance, nor any side effect.


Refined from various herbal plants, AEN is fortified with trace elements and 21 kinds of Multi-Proteins --contains an array of Glucogenic Amino Acid group, Heterocyclic Amino Acid group, aminoisocaproic acid, 2-aminopropionic acid, phenylalanine, etc.


Before applying AEN, users should have the eyebrow areas and hands cleaned up. The idea is to get rid of the oily substance and dirt stuck at the hair holes so as to prepare for the AEN to penetrate into the hair follicles(ordinary soap is enough). Users should have hands clean up before picking up AEN because it is a kind of high nutritional substance where microorganisms love to reproduce there.

Apply once before bedtime daily. Users should use finger tips to pick up little cream, and then paste a thin layer gently on to the eyebrow scalp so as to reach the root of the hair follicles, from the eyebrow end to head at the midst. Within 3 hours, AEN will finally be melted by body heat, and be permeated into the eyebrow hair follicles via hair roots to activate the hair cells fission. Hair cells will eventually regenerate and multiply themselves due to cells fission.

In 7-10 days, significant result will be witnessed. Continuously, users should paste the AEN daily before sleep. No side effect. Not itchy on scalp. *After eyebrow regrows dense enough, paste AEN per 3 days is adequate to keep eyebrow healthily grows in good shape naturally. Newly regrown hairs can hardly fall out again.

About 20 days later, the weak & thin hairs will become more turgid & stronger naturally. Users will find eyebrow hairs brighter and fuller progressively after applying AEN. All newly regrown hairs will stay forever.

*These statements are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the FDA. These statements and/or product(s)are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any diseases.


Export Markets: worldwide, USA, HKG, etc.

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Payment Details: Purchased by Visa/Master/AE/Discover/eCheck or Cash via Paypal.com payment gateway.

Min Order Quantity: 1 pc.

Shipping Duration: 1 day for HKG; 4 to 7 days to overseas countries.

Standard Met: ***International Custom code: HS 33059010

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